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CTRL BIZ is a search recruitment agency that seeks to deliver the highest standard of professionalism on sourcing management for individuals and businesses anywhere in the world.



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The staff at CTRL BIZ were amazing throughout the recruitment process! They instantly recognised my strengths and the role I was looking for. I'm glad I was able to find my ideal job. I could not recommend CTRL BIZ more highly. Thank you!

Emily Smith

CTRL BIZ is an excellent recruiter. The staff impressed me by their honesty and integrity to build my career. They are very proactive and supportive in the whole recruitment process, and I will always remember that.

Oliver Williams

I struggled to find the right people to do the marketing side of my business, but when I heard about CTRL BIZ, I decided to give them a try. What makes CTRL BIZ different from the others is that they have a detailed understanding of my business needs, and recommended the ideal candidate that closely matched my requirements.

Karen Evans
Small Business Owner

This is the first time I engaged with CTRL BIZ, and I have to say, they are the most professional recruitment firm I have worked with. They have a unique way of recommending candidates with the highest caliber.


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CTRL BIZ offers online recruitment services and career opportunities on a global scale. We aim to facilitate and deliver innovative workforce solutions for clients and candidates to thrive and scale their sustainability in the US and beyond.


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Be well-informed and updated on all things about recruitment! We offer opportunities for you to reach your potential.

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